Melissa & Michael

„After years of “conventional” weightlifting, our workouts had gotten stagnant and honestly pretty boring. And because of that, we were looking for a much-needed change to our fitness routine. So after tons of research and multiple invites to “bring a friend Friday” (thanks Blake!) we finally decided to give CrossFit a try. And looking back,…


„When I started CrossFit a year ago, I thought it was just going to be a way to get a good workout in and get stronger. Little did I know that CrossFit would also help me gain confidence, more grit when I face challenges, and it has made me a better person overall. I look…


Als Polizist kommt man im Laufe seiner Dienstzeit in die verschiedensten Lagen. Manche fordern dich eher körperlich, manche eher mental. Oftmals wird beides gleichermaßen von einem gefordert. Hier kann CrossFit meiner Meinung nach sehr helfen. Nicht nur das körperliche Training, welches den Fitnesslevel erhöht bzw. erhält, sind als positiv zu erachten. Auch der mentale Effekt,…


If you told me a year ago that I would be a part of a CrossFit gym, I’d have told you you’re out of your mind. Now, I’m immersed into the community. So why the switch and what keeps me coming back? After coming to a couple free class Fridays, or as I like to…


I have been a member of CFKL for 3 years. I have been at the box through an ownership change, and watched it blossom into an amazing community and atmosphere. I have grown as an athlete in ways I cant explain. The staff cares about the members and takes the time to make sure everyone…


My name is Mathias and I scale workouts. I am not ashamed or sad to say that, but full of pride, because that is who I am. For now! What I am able to do now was unthinkable and frankly physically impossible 2 years ago. Let me tell you about my story. I have always…


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