Profile: Darcy

What's your name?

Darcy Sowards

What was your first CrossFit experience?

I took the 101 at CFKL, right after I finished the 101, my first class WOD was the 9/11 Hero WOD

What workouts/sports do you do outside of the box?

Running and swimming, I have always been a long distance runner, I have replaced it with swimming while I am here in Tampa because it is so hot!

What made you want to become a coach? 

During COVID, I did 1:1's with Kristin and I saw how much improvement I made so I wanted to be able to do that for other people. Also, I am a psychologist and I wanted to take my knowledge in that area and apply it to help people get better at their goals for CF.

What is the best part about being a coach? 

Meeting new people and watching the progression as people grow and get better, not only in their skills, but in their confidence.

If you had to do one exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Wall Balls!

What exercise could you do without?

Handstand pushups/wall walks.....I can't do HSPU anyway, but I just don't like being updside down

Working out with or without a shirt? 

Without of course!

What music do you play the most?

I am DJ Big D! I love to play anything that gets the class hyped up but for me, when I work out, it is mostly heavy metal