Melissa & Michael

„After years of “conventional” weightlifting, our workouts had gotten stagnant and honestly pretty boring. And because of that, we were looking for a much-needed change to our fitness routine. So after tons of research and multiple invites to “bring a friend Friday” (thanks Blake!) we finally decided to give CrossFit a try. And looking back, we couldn’t be more pleased with that fateful decision! We immediately fell in love with the workouts, the coaches, the physical challenge, and the camaraderie. Joining the CFKL family has been a welcome addition to our lives and completing a WOD is one of the most satisfying parts of our day. For those on the fence about joining CrossFit, we can attest that CrossFit is not as intimidating as it initially seems and everything can be modified so it’s for everyone. We’ve been doing CrossFit for two years and can’t believe we waited fo long to start. But hey, better late than never!“
Melissa & Michael Hawkins


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