If you told me a year ago that I would be a part of a CrossFit gym, I’d have told you you’re out of your mind. Now, I’m immersed into the community. So why the switch and what keeps me coming back?
After coming to a couple free class Fridays, or as I like to call it “friends and family day,” I realized that CrossFit is more than just this lifestyle of fitness. The people at CFKL are welcoming, encouraging, challenging, supportive and it makes working out more fun. I’m not always enthusiastic to pick up weights at 6am, but I’m excited to see the people. The friends that I have made in class have become family. That is what also keeps me coming back. The community of people at CFKL are not just people I workout with, they are who I do life with. All the while they push me to get better, add a little more weight, go faster, fix my posture, etc. While we all do not have the same goals we are all here for a common purpose: complete the workout of the day and continually get better at the movements whether moving faster and/or increasing weights. I enjoy starting my day off with those at the gym and will continue to do so while here in Germany.


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