profile: Kristin

Tell us about your first CrossFit experience
I knew 2014 Iwas training for a body building competition and my trainer also coached CrossFit. I joined the gym to train with her and saw all the strong women around me doing amazing things I wanted to be able to do. I did my first, and last, body building competition and then left that world to focus solely on CrossFit!

Why is CrossFit your go-to sport? What’s your background (in life) and have you done other sports before?
I grew up playing tennis and soccer and have always been pretty athletic and interested in gym stuff. When I found CrossFit I found a way to make fitness and health my way of life instead of just a hobby!

What made you decide to teach CrossFit? What do you love most about coaching?
As soon as i started doing CrossFit I knew I found my calling. It’s changed my body and my mind in such positive ways and I wanted to give that same possibility to others. Coaching is my passion, and I love seeing people surprise themselves by doing things they never thought they could.

Do you have any further aspirations within CrossFit?
CrossFit will always be in my life. I want to grow our community at CFKL and have it be a well known gym in Germany and Europe, and I want to continue working CrossFit competitions with Max. I’m excited to see what the future holds, but whatever it is, CrossFit will be involved.


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