profile: Nina

Tell us about your first CrossFit experience
I decided to try out CrossFit, because the owner of the Globo Gym I joined that day told me that I would have to be really fit to do CrossFit. And at that point I was a member of his gym for more than one year! So my first workout was the Open Workout 13.3.

Why is CrossFit your go-to sport? What’s your background (in life) and have you done other sports before?
The amount of people I’ve met because of CrossFit is AMAZING! I have friends all over the world from the USA to China, I’m so overwhelmed by this. And I love the Community, I love to be part of it.

What made you decide to teach CrossFit? What do you love most about coaching?
I really don’t know, When I joined CFKL for the first time, I couldn’t speak any English, not at all. I was scared that someone could speak to me and I had no idea about what they said to me. But it was such a welcoming environment that I lost my fear, and a half year later I had this crazy idea to do my Lvl 1 – and so it came one to the other. I love most to meet so many people, the expressions of someone that surprises themselves by getting a box jump, or any movement they couldn’t do before.

Do you have any further aspirations within CrossFit?
I’ll do my Lvl 2 by the end of this year and we will see what the future brings to me. I would love to be a full time coach.


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