profile: Ryan

Tell us about your first CrossFit experience
2.5 years of CrossFit experience

Why is CrossFit your go-to sport? What’s your background (in life) and have you done other sports before?
Despite having a bad initial experience with CrossFit, I knew that the sport was the most well rounded and functionally applicable sport I could do to keep myself active and fit for a long time in my life. The varied workouts keep me from ever getting bored and keeps me coming back for more! I grew up as a competitive gymnast, and after failing to maintain membership at a standard commercial gym in my 20s (boring and didn’t see results), CrossFit became an obvious fit for my background. Plus, Crossfit has the best community I’ve ever been a part of!

What made you decide to teach CrossFit? What do you love most about coaching?
The community :-). I’m so energized by the people around me at the gym that I want to be able to pass that same energy on to others. Although I haven’t been coaching long, I love you see each person improving in their own fitness and life journeys. I love that CrossFit is for everyone of all walks of life, and I want to help people in their journeys as they define what fitness is for them.

Do you have any further aspirations within CrossFit?
Start adding more work beyond the WOD


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