profile: Gabbi

Tell us about your first CrossFit experience
I’ve been doing CrossFit since March of 2014.

Why is CrossFit your go-to sport? What’s your background (in life) and have you done other sports before?
I started CrossFit after my mom and brother had huge weight loss success and health improvements. I was massively overweight and unhealthy and their success in CrossFit pushed me in this direction. Growing up I was a competitive gymnast and after an injury I started competitive swimming and diving. Having the gymnastics background is super beneficial and I’m really thankful for that now as a coach!

What made you decide to teach CrossFit? What do you love most about coaching?
CrossFit changed my life. I had two kids back to back, was insanely unhealthy and knew I needed to make a change so I could set an example for my kids, the coaches at my first gym were beyond welcoming and helpful and made a scary life change seem not so intimidating. When I came to CFKL, it was the coaches who held the community together and made this place feel like home, which is exactly what I needed after moving to a foreign country. Seeing how coaches can impact their athletes lives, especially being overseas and really needing that community, I wanted to be a part of that. I love coaching the sport of CrossFit and helping athletes achieve their fitness goals, but I would be lying if I said my number one reason was anything but wanting to help people of all walks of life feel welcome in our gym and feel like they can be a part of our sport!

Do you have any further aspirations within CrossFit?
For now I want to continue to grow in my coaching abilities. I hope to always be a part of a CrossFit gym, at minimum as an athlete but preferably as a coach, so I want to continue to grow and be the best coach I can be so that no matter where life takes me, I can be a part of a gym in that way.


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